• AGE: 20
  • BODY TYPE: Voluptuous
  • HAIR COLOR: Brunette
  • BOOB SIZE: Large
  • BOOB TYPE: Natural
  • BUTT SIZE: Medium

This girl sent me a couple pics and my jaw was on the floor. She lives pretty far away though so I decided that I would let her take part in the Comsid@Home initiative... Man is she cute... I saw the first video where she just gives a little intro to herself and was in love with her right away, then she showed her body a little bit and I was... um..... more in love I guess. She has a cute accent a stacked body and seems to be a really down to earth girl.. She just tells me that she really likes being naked and likes to get herself on tape. I am okay with that, what do you guys think. Do you have a problem with it. To be honest.. I don't care if you do... I'm gonna get more videos from her... enjoy.

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